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The founder

Travel with B.A.E.S. "Beautiful And Educated Sisters" was formed by Monique J. Rogers.

My ambition of visiting Italy on a regular basis came true in September 2013, when I traveled with a group of women I had never met before. The Sisterhood was formed the day we met in New York.

Since then, I've gone on my own solo excursions. In recent years, I've been to Paris, Dubai, Cuba, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, as well as South America, where I've visited Columbia and Peru.

My next journey will be to travel to Africa to learn about its culture, history, and unique foods.

I'd feel incredibly gratified after getting a few people to join me and hearing how I inspired their travels. 

Single, married, solo, or even with a group of your friends, start flying past your fears. Live and come. Travel with B.A.E.S. Beautiful And Educated Sisters.

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