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War of the Zombie Key Serial: A Scam or a Bargain?

War of the Zombie is a popular strategy game that simulates a global zombie apocalypse. The game features a dynamic world map, realistic combat, and permadeath. The game is available on Steam, but some players are looking for cheaper alternatives to buy the game key serial.

One of the sources that claim to offer War of the Zombie key serials at a lower price is, a global digital marketplace that sells game keys with instant delivery. advertises War of the Zombie key serials for as low as $2.99, while the original price on Steam is $9.99. However, some users have reported that the key serials they bought from were invalid, used, or region-locked.

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Another source that claims to offer War of the Zombie key serials for free is SoundCloud, a music streaming platform. Some users have uploaded audio files that supposedly contain War of the Zombie key serials . However, these audio files are likely to be scams, as they require the listeners to complete surveys, download malware, or visit suspicious websites in order to access the key serials.

Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious when buying or downloading War of the Zombie key serials from unverified sources. The best way to ensure a safe and legitimate purchase is to buy the game directly from Steam or from authorized resellers. War of the Zombie is a fun and challenging game that deserves to be supported by its developers and fans.


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