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Jorge Cardoso Milonga Pdf 13

Jorge Cardoso Milonga PDF 13

Jorge Cardoso is a renowned Argentine composer, guitarist, and musicologist. He has composed over 400 works for guitar, many of which are influenced by the folk music of South America. One of his most popular pieces is Milonga, a lively and rhythmic dance form that originated in the Rio de la Plata region of Argentina and Uruguay.


Milonga is a musical genre that combines elements of habanera, tango, and candombe. It is characterized by a syncopated 2/4 or 4/4 meter, a fast tempo, and a playful mood. The word milonga also refers to a social event where people dance to this music. Milonga is considered to be the precursor of tango, which emerged in the late 19th century as a fusion of milonga and other influences.

Cardoso's Milonga is a solo guitar piece that showcases the composer's mastery of the instrument and his knowledge of the folk traditions of his homeland. The piece consists of a theme and four variations, each with a different character and technical challenge. The theme is based on a simple melody that alternates between the tonic and dominant chords, creating a harmonic tension and resolution. The variations explore different aspects of the milonga genre, such as rhythmic patterns, syncopation, ornamentation, modulation, and counterpoint.

The piece was originally published in 1982 as part of Cardoso's album Guitarra Latinoamericana, which featured 24 pieces inspired by various Latin American musical styles. The album was recorded by Cardoso himself and received critical acclaim for its originality and diversity. In 1993, Cardoso revised and expanded his Milonga, adding two more variations and increasing the difficulty level. The revised version was published in 1995 as part of Cardoso's album Milongas y otras obras para guitarra, which included 13 pieces dedicated to the milonga genre.

Cardoso's Milonga has become one of the most popular and frequently performed pieces in the classical guitar repertoire. It has been transcribed, arranged, and recorded by many guitarists around the world, such as David Russell, Ana Vidovic, Eduardo Isaac, Artiom Galuza, and Andre Lavor. It has also been adapted for other instruments and ensembles, such as piano, violin, flute, mandolin, string quartet, and orchestra.

If you are interested in learning more about Cardoso's Milonga, you can find free sheet music for guitar on . You can also download a PDF file of the original score from Google Sheets. You can listen to some recordings of the piece on YouTube or Spotify. You can also watch some video tutorials and masterclasses on how to play the piece on Guitar Salon International or Guitar Masterclass.

Cardoso's Milonga is a beautiful and expressive piece that captures the essence of the milonga genre and the spirit of South American culture. It is a challenging but rewarding piece that will improve your guitar skills and enrich your musical knowledge. It is also a fun and enjoyable piece that will make you want to dance along with it.


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