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Morocco 21 thru 30, 2022

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Mason Collins
Mason Collins

[S1E12] Justice X 2 [VERIFIED]

David attempts to talk Sonia out of her plans to get revenge, but it doesn't help that she keeps hearing that whispering through a crack in the basement wall, and every time she does, things get really amped up. Sonia is struggling with her actions, but there seems to be no escape. Finally, when she threatens to cut Lando's hand off, he confesses that yes, he is exactly who she thinks he is and he's sorry. Sonia's demeanor changes. She forgives him and tells him he now has a clean soul. And then she takes out Lando's own gun and shoots him in the head. When David, horrified, asks why she did it after she forgave him, Sonia explains that because she forgave him, she didn't kill for revenge. No, she killed him for something much nobler, something God would want: justice. Then a cockroach crawls out of the hole in the wall where the whispering was coming from and can you believe this show is on CBS? A discourse on both the Rwandan genocide and violence in the name of God? What a time.

[S1E12] Justice x 2

He explains how she wants evidence of what happened (the video that he already sent her, which she lost) and justice for it. "'Cause you haven't figured out that there is no such thing yet." Madani probes. "You don't believe in justice?" Micro says he did and that she was it (the system), but he's learned different. "Well, I believe the only way to get these assholes is to become like them." Back to Frank and Madani is asking about Zubair and what happened and how it all happened. Frank explains to her that they were basically a kill squad. She asks if Russo was the one who killed Zubair. Frank is quick to answer. "No, he did not. I did." Madani is stunned. "Like I said," says Frank, "it damned us all."

An attack group consisting of 8-10 armed guards were dispatched from the WOTO corporation came by seeking revenge and putting the responsible to justice for murdering Doctor Shlam. They left many injured but all inhabitants of Callous Row survived (out-of-character they passed their dice rolls)

Harvey tries to free an innocent man but hits a wall when he goes to the district attorney, who seems more focused on preserving the system than seeking justice. Elsewhere, Trevor causes problems when he shows up on Mike's doorstep.

In the early going this week, we met our client, who threatened both Bull and his entire team to look more into the case of Gordon Guthrie, her husband and a man she claimed was wrongfully convicted. She wanted justice, and she wanted him to be able to get a District Attorney to re-open the case. She also had a personal reason for getting involved with the TAC, given that Danny James was the person at the center of said case so many years ago.

Born in Hopkinsville in 1924, Edward Thompson Breathitt, Jr., became aware of racial inequities as a young attorney working in the criminal justice system. Those experiences, plus an opportunity to draft a plan to help integrate Christian County schools, placed him in a unique position to contribute to the civil rights movement at the state and national levels.

Breathitt returned to private law practice after his gubernatorial term and continued to serve the causes of justice and education through leadership in several community organizations (including KET). He died on October 14, 2003.

Lecture 18 - What's the Purpose?Sandel introduces Aristotle and his theory of justice. Aristotle disagrees with Rawls and Kant. He believes that justice is about giving people their due, what they deserve. The best flutes, for example, should go to the best flute players. And the highest political offices should go to those with the best judgment and the greatest civic virtue. 041b061a72


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