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Silver Dragon Pink Sauce Recipe

4. Dragon DrinkIce + Mango Dragonfruit Refreshers Base + Coconutmilk + Freeze Dried Dragonfruit PiecesCaffeine in a grande: 45 mgCalories in a grande: 130Sugar in a grande: 23 gA bright pink, this drink is flavored with mango and dragonfruit. Drink sizes: Tall, Grande, Venti, Trenta

Silver Dragon Pink Sauce Recipe

Now, I don't get Starbucks very often, but when I do, I order the Dragon Drink. It's light, creamy refreshing and really one of the healthier options to be found at Starbucks. The floaty bits of dragon fruit really make it! Whether you're a long-time purchaser of Dragon Drinks from Starbucks or you've never heard of it in your life, I'm certain your taste buds will be please with the deliciousness they find here! I tried many different combos before settling on this Starbucks copycat recipe and I think it comes pretty darn close! Enjoy.

Dragon fruit powder: Dragon fruit is also known by the name of pitaya, so freeze-dried dragon fruit powder or pitaya powder will do the trick. Opt for the powders with the vibrant pink hue for that true Dragon Drink effect.

Chef Pii said grams have been confused with serving size, and there are actually 30 servings of pink sauce per bottle. She also said her team is working to bring the price of pink sauce down from the current $20.

I made these for Thanksgiving and they were a hit!! I tripled the recipe, made 3 pans and they were all gone by the next day. The sauce is so much better than store bought...worth the little bit of extra effort!

Hi there - thanks for the wonderful recipe. I made it exactly to your instructions on Saturday and my husband LOVED them. They were seriously the best enchiladas we ever had! Next time though, I will make more of the sauce, as we couldn't get enough of it. Thanks again!

I am generally too lazy to follow instructions that tell me to do things like strain a sauce, but I am so glad I did this time! I had no idea I could make something like that. Also, I love this recipe because all of the ingredients are available in Germany where people think kidney beans are the proper beans for Mexican food. So, thank you for making my belly happy! Perhaps the anonymous with the sweet issues used a tomato sauce that already had sugar in it? Just a pinch of sugar can make the difference between perfect and way too sweet in a tomato sauce.

Making these for dinner now... They smell amazing, already tried a bit of the sauce and it tastes so much better than store bought! Loving the spiciness. Thanks for a great recipe, will be making them like this from now on.

Made these tonight for my family and they LOVED it!! (I'm on a diet right now, so I couldn't taste it!! *cry*)I only had crushed tomatoes instead of the sauce, but it turned out fine!! My father, who is a very picky with his enchiladas, couldn't stop eating them!! My mom doesn't like the chicken, but I figure I can just substitute cheese in hers next time with some of the onion mix put aside for her! My brother loved that it was the right amount of spicy! Excellent recipe! :) Keeping it in my books ;) Thanks for sharing!!

I made these tonight and they were ok. I think next time I'll double the jalapenos since mine had no spice to it and add more cheese. How do you get the tortillas to not be mushy? I have made dozens of enchilada recipes and can never get an enchilada that is not extremely mushy? I sprayed and cooked but it became mushy after I added the sauce. Oh well.

Very disappointed -- this sauce was awful. No one in the family wanted it. Threw it all down the sink. But luckily did not ruin the chicken by placing it in the sauce. I followed the recipe exactly (except for putting the chicken in). I make enchiladas all the time. Just wanted to try a new recipe -- mostly because the picture posted of them looks so good. How can people say this was not sweet? There are 3 tsp of sugar in the recipe. I wish I would have not even put in the sugar. And yes, I checked the tomato sauce -- there was no additional sugar. Guess this Texas girl is used to hot & spicy Mexican food -- not sweet.

These enchiladas were wonderful. I made them for dinner over the weekend and my family loved them. I usually hate red sauce, but I'm sold. I'm doing my own post of this recipe and linking back to you on Sunday. :)

This is my FAVORITE enchilada recipe!! I have made it several times and it is so easy. It's not hot at all if you cook the peppers with the onions and release the flavors. Just make sure you seed them (unless you want more spice, then leave them in that case). The ONLY change I make to the recipe is adding more tomato sauce - the first time I made it I felt like it needed more to cover the tortillas and add to the filling. Delicious and simple. Thanks for sharing Josie!!

For the people that don't like the spice or have young kids a great way to do it is make a mild sauce and add the extra kick to your own filling .. I don't like cilantro but my husband does so I put it in his enchilada and mark it with a toothpick .. same with the extra spice .. some chopped Jalapeno's in some and not others .. works out great .. For the chicken .. What I do is get a large pack of chicken breasts and add it to a crockpot covered with water or chicken stock the night before .. when you wake up the chicken will almost fall apart on its own .. I freeze in food saver bags at about a cup per bag .. when I want to make enchiladas its easy because I just take out a few bags let them defrost in the freezer add a bit of enchilada sauce to the chicken with some cheese and it makes for a pretty quick meal these are great btw .. I love the baking for crispness .. Thanks for the great recipe !!

Normally I am a terrible's kind of a running joke with me and my husband. I made the sauce and tasted it and I thought "darn I screwed up another dish" it didnt taste that great. But I finished the recipe and to my surprise these were AMAZING...turned out great. Thanks for making me into a good cook for my husband for once!

Hi Josie, I made your enchiladas tonight and I must say they were fantastic! I "best damn chicken enchiladas" and your recipe came up in the first five. I did a few things different because, well...I read, reread, reread and still get recipes tangled. Anyway, I cooked the chicken in the finely chopped onions, garlic, and jalapeno as well as cumin and sugar then added broth until the chicken was done; strained the chicken apart from this concoction and added to a simmered tomato sauce with chili powder and more sugar for maybe 10 minutes. Me and my boyfriend loved them! He, of course, thought there wasn't enough chicken but that is easy to add more for next time I whip these lovely's up! Thank you for posting! Cheers, Angela

I am making these for the second time right favorite enchilada recipe I've tried! I've seen a lot of comments about the sauce flavor, but what I like about your recipe is that it's so easy to alter to your own tastes. I make the sauce as is an then play with adding cayenne and black pepper until the heat balances out the sweetness of the sugar and tomatoes. My tortillas always seem to split open despite softening them first, so they don't look as pretty as yours, but overall it is a beautifully messy dish! Easy to make, I'd say 45 minutes prep time with the sauce, tops, if you're using all fresh ingredients.

If you're a fan of dragon fruit, you need to try turning it into a tropical syrup with this easy Dragon Fruit Syrup recipe! The pretty pink simple syrup can be used as anything from a cocktail and mocktail mixer to a pancake or yogurt topping.

I also buy the tropical fruit from time to time, though it can be quite pricey and it's tough to find pink dragonfruit around me. I can usually only find white dragon fruit, but also always have a pack of pink dragon fruit powder on hand! I love making smoothie jars with it.

There are several kinds of dragon fruit, including pink skin with white flesh (the most common and the one I can find most easily in New England) and pink skin with pink/red flesh (often the sweetest). There's also a yellow skin with white flesh dragon fruit, though I've never seen one in person!

If you can't find fresh dragon fruit anywhere, but still want to enjoy this syrup, you can make it with all powder instead. I recommend using 2 tsp of powder (see note on recipe card for instructions).

I generally like to recommend variations on my simple syrup recipes, like adding additional fruits and/or spices and flavors that would also work well... But I highly recommend making the dragon fruit syrup as is.

We experimented with various amounts of red dragonfruit powder before settling on our preferred ratio to flour. Adding more gave it a fantastic deep purple colour, but the eventual winner for us was a more subtly flavoured pink dough.

We whipped up a quick sauce of brown butter and pink peppercorns to go with our tortelli, topping them with some little edible viola flowers. And we highly recommend it! Otherwise, get creative and let us know how it goes.


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