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Morocco 21 thru 30, 2022

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SassenachOutlander : Season 1 Episode 1

After this Viking episode, the thistle became known as the "Guardian Thistle" and, under James III, it became the badge of the Stuarts. Today it is the insignia of the Scottish guard and has been used on coins, banknotes, stamps and broadswords. It even decorates the tomb of Mary, Queen of Scots.

SassenachOutlander : Season 1 Episode 1

This episode includes one of the best medical Claire moments of the series, and may be why Balfe thinks she can perform surgery. Truthfully, if I needed surgery and had literally no other option, I would let her operate. I mean, no other option at all.

Ask any Outlander fan what their favorite installment is and you'll no doubt get a chorus swooning over "The Wedding." We're guessing the interiors didn't figure heavily into that decision for many, but for us, layers of warm texture stood out more than they needed to (seriously, watch the episode). Get the look by elegantly draping that ubiquitous fur throw and a warm plaid Pendleton blanket over the classic lines of a rolled-arm linen settee. A modern wrought-iron sconce lends a surprising amount of romance to the scene, and a delicate carafe and glasses set complete the conceit. 041b061a72


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