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To deploy the new code to your function, you upload the new .zip file deployment package. You can use the Lambda console to upload a .zip file to the function, or you can use the UpdateFunctionCode CLI command.


We will demonstrate three solutions on how to upload ZIP folder to OneDrive with step-by-step guides. The third method is the most efficient and easiest since it has no OneDrive ZIP file size limit or upload speed limit.

You can also drag files from your computer on the OneDrive website to straightforward upload them to the cloud. If you cannot upload ZIP file to OneDrive or your ZIP file upload is stuck via the browser, you can try the following methods.

The OneDrive sync folder brings great ease to people in file uploads. When you run and log in to OneDrive on your computer desktop, there would be a OneDrive folder, with which you can upload files and access cloud files locally. However, it only supports you to upload ZIP to OneDrive manually.

As a handy free cloud backup tool, CBackup can easily upload photos, videos, documents, ZIP files, and various other types of files to OneDrive, and allows users to backup OneDrive to Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP, and other clouds.

You can upload ZIP file to OneDrive using the OneDrive website, the OneDrive desktop app, or with the help of CBackup. The most recommended method is to utilize CBackup. It can not only make OneDrive sync ZIP file easily but also back up your entire computer to OneDrive automatically. And, it allows you to increase OneDrive cloud storage at no cost by combining accounts.

The answer above works fine and was the command I used in uploading my file to Google Drive using Curl. However, I didn't understand what scope was and all of the initial setup required to make this command work. Hence, for documentation purposes. I'll give a second answer.

Scope in this situation can be considered to be the kind of access you intend to have with the credential having the inputted client_id. More about scope from the docs For the use case in focus, which is to upload files, the scope chosen was

If you're a Mac/Safari user, by default your zip files are unzipped when youdownload them. This will cause a problem for installing the Beaver Builderplugin and theme because you need to upload the zip file to your WordPresssite.

Please check the contents of your zip file. Check the number of documents in the zip file. If it contains more than 1000 papers, the system will take a minimum of an hour to detect the error and the zip file will not be uploaded.

If your file contains images, you may remove the images or save the file as a rich text or plain text file to make the file smaller. If your file is a PDF and exceeds the 100 MB restriction: (1) copy the text in the document, (2) change the upload process to 'copy and paste', and (3) paste the text in the body field.

Alternatively, you can upload your files via the git bridge (which does support folders). After creating a blank project, git clone it to your machine. Next, copy your files from the .zip into the project folder on your machine, and then git commit and push. These links may help to give more details: hereand here.

Hi there! I was able to locate the zip file for a Rise 360 course. I don't have the project in Rise, but wanted to upload the SCORM 1.2 zip to Review 360. When I try to do this, I am met with an error "This file is not supported" although it should be. Any help? I can provide the zip, but cannot do so in the public forum.

We don't currently support manually uploading a SCORM file into Review 360, so you'll want to start by publishing the course locally. The steps are listed out here: Review 360: Manually Upload Storyline 360 Courses

Would love to see this feature in the pipeline. As many organisations face this issue where the storyline file is lost and cannot be recovered. If the SCORM could be uploaded to review 360 IDs would be able to at least gather changes and requirements based on the previous iteration.

I concur. I am dealing with this right now. A client wants to view a version of a course published on a specific date, but there isn't a matching Storyline file. We have the correct ZIP of a SCORM 1.2 course but Review 360 will not allow upload. This is very unfortunate.

To upload your zip file, go to Library > Photo Albums > Upload Photos. In the drop down menu next to Select the number of photos you wish to upload in this batch, select I'm uploading a zipped folder.

You will then see an option to browse your computer for your zip file. After selecting your zip file, click Upload and Typepad will upload your photos. Please note that if you are uploading a large number of photos or if the file size is very large, it may take a few minutes for the upload to complete.

After the upload is complete, you will be taken to the Photos page for your album where you can see your newly uploaded photos and manage them, such as by changing their titles or adding captions.

You need to upload the .zip file of your .app directory containing your EarlGrey test cases to BrowserStack servers. Its easy to upload the .zip file from a public URL to BrowserStack using the REST API. This approach is useful when the zip file is hosted on a remote server (e.g. S3 bucket) and its downloadable via a publicly accessible URL.

There are two methods for uploading a zip file to Resources: drag-and-drop and the upload file functionality. Once you have uploaded the file, you may use the Actions / Expand Zip Archive functionality to unpack the zip file into its component files.

Your store's products, collections, navigation menus, pages, blog posts aren't changed or deleted when you switch to a new theme, because they're managed in the Admin, separate from the theme. However, the content and settings that are managed using the theme editor, theme code editor, and language editor are unique to each theme and theme version that you upload.

To upload your item, you need to create a ZIP file that contains the manifest file located in the root directory and the files for your extension. The manifest file must specify at least the following fields:

If you need the item ID to complete your item's code, then you need to upload the item while you're still writing its code. Otherwise, you can wait until the item is finished. You can upload your item many times before submitting it for review.

Second of all, when fileuploads are in use, you can only allow a certain amount of file extensions (white list rather than blacklist) and you need to verify that the files with this extension are indeed of that type (for instance a .bin changed to .txt). But every type of file can be encapsulated in a zip file. If you whitelist .zip and you don't check the contents, you are actually making the whitelist obsolete. So again you would need to check the contents of the zip file to make sure only a certain type of files are included in them.

So zip would only be feasible in the event that you need to reduce large file uploads that might congest the network. Because to provide security you would still need to unzip them and check the contents. If you are doing this because you are thinking about conserving diskspace, you are better off accepting the files in normal format and then zipping them yourself after you have checked them.

Please note that if you are intending to use this tool to simply upload multiple files in one go, it is suggested that you use the new drag and drop tool instead. It will save you having to create a ZIP file before uploading and is generally just easier to use.

Now you can take your photo on your smart device and upload it to the Card Office for placement on your new card. To start, you'll need to email the Zip Card Office to request an Online Photo Submission invitation email. This invitation email contains a personalized link you'll use to upload your photo. Once your photo has been accepted (or denied), we will notify you via your University of Akron email.

Students scheduled for New Student Orientation will receive an email invitation with a link to upload a photo for your Zip Card. Emails are sent to your University of Akron student email account. There will be time on orientation day to stop by the Zip Card office to have your photo taken. You will receive your Zip Card on your orientation day.

Students that are 100% Online and do not come to campus, may email the Zip Card office at and we will provide a link so that you may upload a photo for your first Zip Card.

Dora, thanks for your answer. I have explored the help you gave me, I see that it is to upload images to google drive, but how do I read zipped or compressed files that are on the mobile device to upload them to google drive

Thank you very much for your help, could you please help me, what would be the procedure to select a zip file that is stored on the mobile?, since finally this is the one I want to upload to the google drive.

Excellent thank you very much for your help, I have been able to upload my zip file to google drive, but I can only upload from the companion or when I am emulating, however when I have it compiled as Apk it does not compress and it does not upload to google drive either, thanks for your help.

In addition to our collection of themes, you can upload third-party themes to your site, including themes from, popular marketplaces like Themeforest, and even themes you have custom-made for your website.

If you see the error The theme does not have a style.css file, check the .zip file you are uploading does not contain other files like documentation for example. Make sure that you have downloaded the Installable WordPress file only and that it has not been unzipped/extracted automatically by your computer, as explained in the previous section.

Google Drive is one of the most famous cloud storage platforms in the world today. Cloud storage has become one of the major needs of individuals and businesses these days. This need has resulted in individuals seeking knowledge on how to upload folder in Google Drive. 041b061a72


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