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Morocco 21 thru 30, 2022

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Lucas Perez
Lucas Perez

K Sounds Piano 1 - The Ultimate Piano Sample Library for Yamaha Motif XS XF

the motif xs xf also has a new roland-developed 88-key piano and a roland-developed 88-key piano for acoustic piano sounds. the 88-key piano also features separate multi-samples for every velocity stage, resulting in a distinctive and realistic sounding piano that has a nice low end. with these separate multi-samples, even the bass sounds are more realistic.

K Sounds Piano 1 Voice Bank For Motif XS XF FULL.rar

one of the biggest advantages the fantom-x series has over its competition is its ability to connect to multiple sound sources at once. if you have a daw that lets you write sounds into the sequencer, then youll be able to choose what sounds to output from any of the fantom-x series' expansion slots. theres no sound clipping, and if you cant find the right sound in the bank, you can always add an external microphone or musical instrument to the mix. and if you are looking for that perfect sound for your song, the expansion slots let you add your own custom sounds.

if you have ever dreamed of having your own custom sound bank to customize sounds to your own needs and stylistic preferences, then the fantom-x series is for you. the fantom-x is the only synth that can connect to multiple external sound sources at once.

the fantom-x series is the flagship of the roland workstation family, offering musicians nearly 1gb of wave memory when fully expanded, and 128-voice performance. at the top of the vast soundset is roland's finest 88-key split stereo-sampled piano, with each note individually sampled at multiple velocities. in addition, the fantom-x provides room for four srx expansion boards, so users can customize their soundsets to their specific needs and stylistic preferences.


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