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Travel With B.A.E.S. Beautiful And Educated Sisters

Travel With B.A.E.S. Beautiful And Educated Sisters


Travel With B.A.E.S. (Beautiful And Educated Sisters) Logo t-shirt.


    The T.W.B. Logo t-shirt is made from soft cotton fabric that is comfortable and pleasing to wear. The t-shirt is machine washable and suggested to air dry for longer use.



    Travel With BAES (Beautiful And Educated Sisters) thanks you for your support and we strive to keep our customers satisfied.

    Unfortunately, we know mistakes may occur on our end. We gladly accept returns on incorrect products that were shipped to you (include wrong sizing from what was ordered, defective printing, tears/holes in the product). All merchandise will be replaced and shipped out to you at no cost. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you in advance.

    • Please Note: Replaced items will remain the same as your previous order.


    Please email us at with pictures showing poor quality of the product that includes a couple of photos demonstrating the defective print or the damaged area of ​​product(s) and a shipping label so we may correct our error(s) immediately .

    The pictures you provide, please make sure they are clear as this will help us to eliminate further printing errors.
    There is no need to return the package.

    Time Frame:
    Starting from the day the product was delivered, we allow up to 7 days to correct any wrong product(s) that was delivered to you. Any request that extends the 7-Day period, we will be unable to fulfill.


    Please Note • All products are FINAL SALE

    and cannot be returned for a refund.

    • We do not offer returns or exchanges due to incorrect sizes chosen or change of heart on color, etc. • Please make sure that you use our sizing charts or contact us via email if you're unsure before making any purchases. • Most of our shirts are unisex so for a female you would get a size smaller than what you would normally wear depending if you want a fitted look. (Make sure you look at the sizing charts for the product)



    Shipping cost will be decided by the weight of your package. Most t-shirts weigh no more than 6oz.

    If you purchase shirts in bulk, please reach out to to discuss shipping rates.


    Please be advised it will take up to 1 week (7 business days) from when your order is placed. Some shirts may arrive sooner but, always plan out for 7 business days if you are not paying for a rushed order.

    Thank you for your patience.

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